The Wine Store

at Amcellars

Since February 2015, we have opened our Wine Store in Münsbach to the public.Every week, you can discover a new Wine.

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The Tastings

at Amcellars

We are honored that you would like to taste our wines. This is the best way to discover the full beauty that these miracles from mother nature have to offer.

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Gift voucher

at Amcellars

Do you want to give your friends the gift of wine but not sure about their taste? Or are you looking for something special? Not a problem at all! We have a voucher for every case. 

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Riedel Glass

at Amcellars

We are a representative for Riedel Glass from Austria in Luxembourg.

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Wine Cabinets

at Amcellars

A Wine Cabinet is the best way to protect your precious wines for long term storage. Thats why we work with LIEBHERR, the leading manufacturer in refrigeration. They are known for the excellence of their products, and, they can guarantee a safe storage prolonging the life of your wines.

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