Medallion Wine Club

by Amcellars

Welcome to our exclusive Wine Club!

The Amcellars Wine Club has three different membership levels according to which you will receive a selection of our wines every 3 months as well as selected discounts. If, within a 30 day period, you decide to purchase some of the wines that were included in your last shipment, you will benefit of a discounted rate of 5% to 10% on that order depending on your membership status.

The selection of wines we will send you depends on the level of your membership.

We offer 3 levels : SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM

Silver 99EUR 4 times a year Min. 120EUR 5%
Gold 199EUR 4 times a year Min. 250EUR 8%
Platinum 499EUR 3 times a year Min. 600EUR 10%


As a Wine Club member, you will not only receive regular wine shipments, but you will also be invited to exclusive events and tastings. A few times a year, we will try to organize a special event called "Meet the makers" where we offer you the possibility to meet the people behind the wines. Only a limited number of guests can participate at such an event and our Club Members will get advanced notification and priority reservations even before we publish the event on our website.

Why don't you sign up and get your membership benefits today!

How do I become a member ?

Just send us a with your contact information and we will send you the registration form as well as payment instructions.

Can I change my membership level ?

Yes. An upgrade is possible at any time of the year. For organisational reasons, a downgrade is only possible in January.

Can I leave any time?

Yes. Even if we regret your decision, you can quit any time you want. Just send us a mail and we will cancel your membership.

How long is my discount valid and does it apply to the entire order?

Your discount is valid for 30 days after receiving the shipment. If you are a SILVER member, you can only apply the discount to the wines included in your current shipment. For GOLD and PLATINUM members, the discount is also valid for every other purchase you make at the same time you reorder the wines from your most current shipment.