Archery Summit

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, a small group of inspired Californian winemakers, intent on creating a new American wine region, migrated north to Oregon. These ardent farmers were soon growing superb Pinot Noir grapes. In no time, Oregon Pinot Noirs were turning heads in blind tastings of the world’s very best.

Archery Summit has taken those first successes to new levels by continuing to aim high. We’ve dedicated ourselves to hands-on vineyard management and to crafting our Pinot Noirs in the state’s first 100 percent gravity-flow winery.

Great winemaking begins in the vineyard, and this old-world mantra has been Archery Summit’s guidepost from the very beginning. Because we focus exclusively on estate vineyards, we control our destiny by constantly searching for the best possible combination of plant, soil and cultivation. On 100 acres of prime Jory soil in the Red Hills of Dundee, you will find the living, growing proof of this dedication. Dijon clones (113, 114, 115, 667 and 777) are site-selected and blended with existing mature rootstock. Densely planted vertically trellised vines are forced to compete, producing smaller berries with fewer, more concentrated clusters. Leaves are hand-thinned to ensure maximum sunlight reaches the grapes. Clusters are sacrificed to further reduce yields. And, unlike most vineyards, where fruit grows chest-high for ease of harvest, we train ours closer to the nutrient producing rootstock. Of course, all of this requires more care from bud break to harvest, but we know that there are no shortcuts to quality.

The vines of Archery Summit Estate, which surround our winery at the south end of the Dundee Hills, produce a Pinot Noir that is consistently among America’s highest-rated wines. Planted during the same two years that our 100 percent gravity-flow winery was built, our flagship vineyard is comprised of a select mix of rootstocks and clones. To these great beginnings, our vineyard manager and winemaker combine their exceptional talents, producing the award-winning Archery Summit Estate Pinot Noir, year after year.

Evoking the Appellation
With some of the oldest Pinot Noir vines in the Willamette Valley, our Arcus Estate vineyard beautifully expresses the terroir of the valley’s Dundee Hills. Located in the foothills above Dundee, Oregon, the vineyard stretches across a steep, three-sided cirque that rises over 300 feet from bottom to top. This deep bowl-shape creates microclimates within a microclimate, inspiring the vines to produce a wonderfully broad palette of fruit. Our winemaker then artfully blends these many flavors into an expressive, concentrated wine highlighted by violets and black fruits.